Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

In our early years in Amsterdam, we always used to walk by this restaurant and were often stopped in our tracks – with its dark-green velvet chairs, white linen covered tables, and cozy atmosphere, it looked quite attractive from the outside. Since going out in Amsterdam is pretty much an expensive hit-or-miss, setting up a date when both of us felt the need for a special night out bordered on the improbable. After all the endless pining, I have my worldly-wise friend to thank as we finally made it there when she came over to visit last week. Our small group was lucky enough to be seated in a somewhat isolated corner by the kitchen and far enough from the other tables that I felt we had the best table in the house. And despite a limited menu, the Canadian lobster – though a bit on the thin side – was delicious, and the steak one of the better ones I’ve tried this side of the Atlantic. The wine did its magic and kept me light-headed, feeling fancy-free for almost the entire night, and the dessert plate, once it settled on our table, disappeared in no time. As dinners go in this city, this one turned out to be an unmis-steak-able success.


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