MICHELIN POSSIBLE | Duin en Kruidberg

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Despite its sharp turns and straight lines, seven is a good round number, in terms of relationship years anyway.

Out of the blue last week, my partner suggested we celebrate by going to a dreamy hotel that just incidentally had a Michelin-star restaurant. While I initially thought it was a sweet pipe dream – my partner is not a fan of overly-priced stiff artsy-fartsy meals – the thought that he would even suggest such a place to make me happy was a breakthrough in itself. It was after all part of the reason I’ve come to love Europe – castles and special restaurants. A combination of the two was just impossible to pass up. After a problem-free drive from work on a beautiful Friday afternoon, we arrived at the Landgoed Duin en Kruidberg (Dune and Spice Mountain Estate) to find it in all its glory.


After a quick walk through the grounds and enjoying the crowd-free view, we went in, were led to our seats in a quiet corner of the winter garden room, and tried our best to be on our good behavior. Three amuse-bouches, four courses, a palate cleanser, glass of champagne, three cola lights, and four long hours later, we were exhausted but satisfied. I have to admit it took a lot to stay in place that long and keep each other entertained – sometimes the time flew and at times it seemed like forever – but we made it through together somehow.


After paying the hefty bill, we were surprised with a parting gift – a mini-cake covered in chocolate and sprinkled with gold leaf, which I finally got to enjoy for lunch today. Now if that doesn’t make for a memorable dinner…


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