Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

It seems odd that it would take this long before the crown of best burger in the city would be passed on but that’s exactly what happened.

My first encounter with a a good burger in these parts was coincidentally or not three years ago to the day, a bit sad in a way until recently when Cannibale Royale came into my radar after constantly hearing about it from people at work, that I should go because it was really good. After finding the right time and company, I finally got to see what the hype was about and am relieved to say it was not disappointing at all. Better still, a friend was kind enough to give me a piece of her steak, which tasted rather amazing. It was so unexpectedly good, it put supposed best steak restaurant in Amsterdam, Loetje, to absolute shame.
I wish I could have taken a lot more photos for posterity but the restaurant was oddly dark – a misguided attempt to be romantic I think. I’ll just have to use my slowly fading memory to recall how an excellent tavern-type burger, thick patty charred on the outside and medium rare tender juicy on the inside, has finally made it to Dutch soil.

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