Rating: 5 out of 5.

My preoccupation with Marken has been satisfied. It turned out that Marken is a gem of a little town, with its share of tourists and small-town folk, a harbor unusually filled with expensive hobby boats, and traditional houses with short doors and lace windows. It was the town we planned on seeing two weekends ago and were sidetracked by its no-cars-allowed policy but as luck would have it, today’s weather was just right for another attempt – especially after a two-day bout of being bedridden and purging something terrible I ate at work. It was good exercise walking around town and to and from the lighthouse two kilometers away that it was maybe a bit too much to do this morning – or any morning for that matter – so we celebrated by having the coziest lunch in the popular harbor area. It was most likely our very last good weekend for a long while.


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