Rating: 3 out of 5.

It always feels good when a day works out.

After a usual early start on a Monday, a moderately productive day, and an after-work trip to the gym, it was worth celebrating a decent start to the week – and the return of nice weather – by grabbing dinner in the neighborhood before we drove home. I tried returning to the restaurant I had a plate of memorable sliders a few weeks ago but alas couldn’t recall which place it was. Walking past semi-decent Wagamama’s and forgettable Vapiano’s, we almost settled for Italian at Canaletto’s before my partner to my surprise suggested the shawarma place across the street. Cheap and authentic, not to mention it’s been a while, well, two and a half months ago in Marrakech, since I’ve had Arabic food, and halal at that. It was filling, satisfying, and our window-side table was hard to beat. Hope the rest of the week turns out to be just as fun.


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