Shabu Shabu Is Japanese For Dadbod

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

There’s nothing like a spontaneous borderline extravagant dinner in the middle of the week to make life more interesting.

Apart from the extremely satisfying Korean barbecue restaurant in Virginia and the occasional Chinese buffet, I’ve made it a point to avoid eat-all-you-can places ever since I left the States. My metabolism just couldn’t take it anymore. After a visit to the downtown gym last Wednesday night and being late as it was I thought we should just grab dinner in the neighborhood, and waistline be damned I was in the mood for Japanese – the eat-all-you-can kind. It wasn’t of the white-starched linen, candle-lit, costs half a paycheck type persuasion but a heaving stomach on a late school night is enough extravagance to last me a while. Dadbodness here I come.



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