O Quiet Town Of Nijmegen

Let it be known, Nijmegen is dead on Sundays.

Our sunny Sunday trip to Wageningen to see a hotel made famous as the venue of the Nazis’ surrender was a total bust – not only was the hotel ill-kept it was closed for everyone except hotel guests – so we decided to drive to nearby Nijmegen intent on salvaging a few hours of leisure as well as revisit the design store I really liked on our last visit. As soon as we parked on the outskirts of the center, I could somewhat feel it was a bit too quiet for comfort, and given it was high noon and most of the shops still shuttered, it looked like we weren’t going to be doing as much as expected. Luckily the restaurants in the historic main square were open for business, and after a bit of to and fro and this close to having another argument, we settled into a quiet, shaded corner and had a heavy lunch. While the food was okay and the dessert good but unusually high-priced, a big lunch turned out to be a not too bright idea as I turned sluggish as a slug and kept dozing off on the way back – though the stifling heat may also have been part of the reason. As for the design store, despite being on a busy street, along with most establishments it decided to take the Sunday off as well. Seems like the local economy’s not doing too badly if you ask me.



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