Sail Amsterdam 2015

It took some effort but I can proudly say I made it.

After a quick, though not painless trip to the doctor, and given the fantastic weather for today, it was the perfect chance to see the impressive tall ships visiting the city for Sail Amsterdam. Being a Friday I expected the crowd to be on the moderate side, which thankfully I was right about, though not for long as the area quickly became madhouse central. Since I was a newbie to this event I didn’t know if I had to pay to even just see the boats up close but as luck would have it, not only was it free we could even come on board. As they say in the olden days, “All aboard!”


I was told that Sail Amsterdam only happened every five years, which means that after nearly seven years in Holland, I’d already missed the first one and just goes to show that after all this time there’s still more to see and do in this small village. I’m already at the halfway point in terms of how long I’ve stayed compared to my life in DC, and I’m glad to report that much like today’s weather, the forecast is excellent.

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