Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Twice in one week — I must really like Blaricum.

After our trip to Tafelberg on Tuesday night, just spontaneously we were back in the area Friday evening to celebrate the end of another workweek, as well as my first week at my new job. I also have to admit I’ve been spoiled rotten by all the dinner adventures we had while some guests were in town, a ready-to-eat pizza at home just didn’t seem right. Although we planned on grabbing an impromptu dinner at De Goede Gooier where we had our anniversary dinner last year, our plans were thwarted as not quite unexpectedly we were told they were booked solid. Despite the rejection, a look at a restaurant app gave enough inspiration for more places closer to the center of town, and after a quick trip through rom upon row of millionaire homes and estates, we found our place for the evening — an Italian trattoria that was a bit more upscale than I would have expected. The white linen and amuse bouche pretty much gave it away.
Though a bit disappointed that the spaghetti with parmesan cheese flambeed in whiskey wasn’t prepared tableside, and from the pestering bees while we were sitting outdoors – which actually followed us inside and ended up stinging me – everything we ordered turned out to be good, and the vanilla ice cream in ‘strawberry soup’ for dessert was a winner. Always good to discover a nice restaurant over here…but Friday nights – always with a reservation please.


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