TAFELBERG | Blaricum

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m somewhat sheepish to admit that we’ve been eating quite well these past few days. On Monday night, of all nights, we found ourselves 45 kilometers away surrounded by relative peace and quiet, in a small corner all our own in Cafe-Restaurant De Lage Vuursche. Located not coincidentally in a former Queen’s backyard, I felt rather privileged being there, enjoying a fine meal quite fit for a king.


Tuesday night wasn’t too bad either as we sat surrounded by green heathers, lofty trees, and upwardly-mobile locals over by Tafelberg in the area of Blaricum. The menu for the evening was Italian antipasti, Angus steak and fries, and a collection of desserts enough to give anyone diabetes. While the service could have been quicker at both locations, the nonstop conversation thankfully made up for my unnecessary impatience. Eating so well never felt so good. 



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