Rating: 3 out of 5.

Surprise, surprise. Right after a quickie workout at our gym near Rembrandt Square, I was pleasantly called out on my mild bluff to have dinner in the neighborhood. Thinking my partner wouldn’t even dare look at the menu, we first went into the next-door Mexican restaurant and were this close to actually sitting down. A second attempt, this time at the Italian restaurant across the street was thwarted mid-sitting as the place was cramped and a felt bit too tight for comfort. Third time was the charm as we comfortably settled in at a near-empty Italian place where we had our own quiet, beautiful corner by the window. Not wanting to be too adventurous, it was a Monday night after all, I counted on a glass of house red and the spaghetti bolognese to give me a gauge of how good – or bad – the restaurant was. A quick look at online reviews wasn’t too promising but the food turned out to be at least good, and better yet ultimately satisfying. Despite what Tripadvisor may say, the decent food, surprisingly excellent service, and the relaxed atmosphere are all I really need for a Monday night out in the town.



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