Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Our new kitchen is beautiful…and practically useless. Except for the refrigerator and just recently the microwave oven, everything else is nothing but skin-deep glossy white pretty since we discovered that our plumbing and electricals needed serious upgrading. Not only did the plumber we hired screw up, living in a 60s era apartment building has its own share of problems so much that 21st century fixtures ended up being a bit too much to handle. Oh when will it end. To escape the kitchen doldrums, and on the way to find new plateswitches for our now bare concrete walls, we went driving and chanced upon the Fletcher Hotel along the highway. I’d long wondered what was inside there and finally found out. Though oddly placed, the exterior stood out from all the buildings in the area and inside it was quite relaxing. We went to the sky bar on the 18th floor and got an aerial view that reminded me of a lesson learned many times over. Problems seem very small when seen from another perspective — and a chilled glass of wine – or two – always makes everything better.


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