STRANDZUID | Best Fake Beach Ever

The fact that I could wear flip-flops was an event in itself.
Knowing this weekend was going to be blessed with good weather, we made plans days before to maybe go to the beach, or at least meet up for brunch somewhere. As the days passed closer to Sunday, the weather was nice early on but nature eventually decided to give us a break from too much sun later in the day. Before it started raining this afternoon, we opted to stay within the city limits but at least got a taste of beach life, which to be honest was the last thing I would have expected. In a piece of real estate by the RAI complex, we got some sand, sun (temporarily), and surf (at least when the boats passed by). The burger at the local restaurant was great, the company greater, and the fact that my all-too-particular partner enjoyed it a lot was just icing on the cake. And we didn’t even have to go too far.


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