24 Hours In Marrakech

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Being on holiday with the sole purpose of enjoying myself, I did find it’s difficult to be a tourist in Marrakech. For a small city with an overabundance of culture, it’s entirely understandable why it’s as popular as it is, and given the city’s clear disparities with western culture, the differences can be seen by some as attractive and even exotic. In all its splendor, it is one of the most beguiling cities, and to be able to experience it is surely a privilege. My difficulty with Marrakech unfortunately lies in the sharp contrasts of the rich and the needy, those who can and those who aren’t able. It’s not hard to see the beauty in this city, however it’s not enough for me to be blinded by the reality of those who live in it. What does it say when a city can have a Four Seasons, La Mamounia, and a Royal Mansour that can charge thousands per night when there are the majority who are clearly wanting. 

That the poverty that is so evidently on display is jarring, not to mention guilt-inducing, it’s a wonder that no social action has taken place to try and correct these inequalities. As I’m still curious to see what the rest of Morocco can offer, I do hope that nothing that can worsen the situation would ever come to pass.



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