Rating: 4 out of 5.

It really is hard to take a bad picture of this place.

We absolutely lucked out in our choice of a riad in Marrakech, so much so our plan of staying only for two nights seemed consequently too short. When we arrived last night and saw what was already an enticing retreat, made even more so given its sharp contrast with what was outside its gates, when morning came it’s as if it all took on a different meaning. In the light of day, the romantic, subdued feeling from last night turned into a calming oasis reminiscent of a long-forgotten childhood memory. The open courtyard seemed to direct light in a sharper sort of way, and everything in sight came up a bit clearer. Having our breakfast prepared from scratch while we lounged with coffee in the study was a privilege and an experience I don’t much get to experience anymore. In the event that I’m good and find myself back in this part of the world, it will certainly be very hard to consider anyplace else.


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