Rating: 4 out of 5.

Our short stay in Marrakech, we decided early on, had to be maxed to the brim with excitement and activity. The heat, however, was getting in the way. The idea of walking in and around the frequently open-air medina, or facing aggressive souk sellers in humid stalls shouting countries they thought we were from to get our attention (Japan! Korea!…though one person got it right and yelled out Philippines!), or going from one palace / mosque to the next, with taxis (aka hammam-on-wheels) were all not attractive notions. We eventually decided to visit Majorelle Gardens, a top attraction and one previously owned by Yves St Laurent and see how it went from there.


It was a moderate success as luckily most of the walking paths were covered by trees or vegetation. While most of the areas were shaded, however many parts still weren’t, and after being under the sun for so long I couldn’t get any more energy to continue sightseeing. Everyone in our group decided it was a good idea to pass the time back in the riad before dinner this evening and so took the quickest, but not necessarily the most comfortable way home possible — via hammam-taxi. 😦

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