Rating: 4 out of 5.

For such a small city where it looks like a majority of its citizens can barely make ends meet, Marrakech has more than its share of grand hotels. Four Seasons, Royal Mansour, and La Mamounia to name a few. Looking for a place to get refreshed after lunch, and since it was a thousand degrees under the sun, we decided to cab it from Jemaa al Fna to see if we could get into La Mamounia for coffee and dessert. Unknowingly, taxis here are pretty much hammam on wheels – due to the sheer heat I wanted to strip all my clothes during the entire ride. When we did reach the hotel, after plenty of to and fro we finally staked our claim at the far end of the hotel’s large back garden and settled in. Interesting thing to note was, while the hotel was far better appointed, it also felt detached and antiseptic, the overall decor more international than local. We may have to check out how the others are doing.


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