ALCAZAR | Segovia

After our whirlwind stop at El Escorial, we went to see something even more impressive. Apart from Toledo, Segovia with its gothic cathedral, medieval castle, and humongous roman aqueduct was an obvious choice for a visit. The castle I heard was also one of those used by Disney in coming up with Sleeping Beauty’s castle (or some other Disney fairy tale palace), and after seeing it, I somehow get it. As if rising out of nowhere, the Alcázar is imposing yet inviting at the same time, and the views from the ramparts are impressive – definitely worthy of any Belle or Rapunzel peering down from her solitary tower. We spent just as much time here as we did in the far more humongous El Escorial complex earlier, and it’s safe to say, minus the mausoleum, it was far more appealing.


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