On our last few hours before leaving Spain, there was still enough time to make one last hurrah and go on a day trip outside Madrid. After some discussion, two places became part of the agenda – first stop, El Escorial. On a sleepy van packed with luggage, our party of four dozed through most of the one hour trip to where Felipe II, the king the Philippines was named after, and many of his fellow Spanish monarchs were buried.

Sad to say, similar to the Prado Museum, the good people at the monastery / palace / royal mausoleum didn’t allow us to photograph anything but the exterior. Not that I would want to take a photo of the row upon row of kings and other royal kin lying in the very creepy underground crypt anyway. My wild imagination was playing enough games in my head to tempt the spirits by taking their photos for posterity. It would have been nice though to keep a record of other things I found worth remembering. Since we were on a tight schedule, we ended up zipping through the entire building in less than an hour quite possibly missing out on a lot of details in the process. While a chance to come back would be welcome, I’ll have to beg off until they become a little friendlier to us aspiring documentarians.


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