Rating: 4 out of 5.

Casa Mila, La Pedrera, or The Quarry, however this UNESCO site is called, it’s certainly a beautiful and worthy attraction in this city. Thinking it would be a madhouse like other Gaudi attractions on a Sunday afternoon, I was surprised to see a short queue to get in, made even shorter by a bit of smart maneuvering from Anthony. Once we jumped the line and got in, I was surprised yet again that we were joining a group led by a guide who would be taking us on a tour of the building. The trick apparently to going first, pay a little more.


The highlight of the tour was on the building roof where iconic knight and warrior sculptures, the same ones I saw while doing a photo project at work years ago and left wondering when I could possibly see them, were holding court. They pretty much supplied one money shot after another and more than satisfied my trigger finger. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gaudi had designed it on purpose given how much of a visionary he was as described by our guide. Though much like seeing the Sagrada Familia framed by an arch sculpture on the roof, I’m inclined to think that it was all a happy coincidence.


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