BARCELONA BEACH | Age Doesn’t Matter

Barcelona is one of those lucky cities with beachfront property that anyone can enjoy, and enjoy to the hilt. An elderly man sporting the biggest pot belly and the tiniest sliver of textile was memorable. It’s a nice looking beach but Miami it was not – what surprised me apart from the deep tans shown by some of the more mature sun seekers was their total abandon in showing the world what God gave them. I didn’t see anyone fully naked – that may be in a different part of the beach – but topless I did and from many different kinds. One particular curvy 50-something went even so far as to shower with only her granny knickers in full view of everyone, her still somewhat full-bodied breasts in perfect shade with the rest of her body before laying down on the sand to further complete the sun worshipping process. I know this is Europe but even at my age I find that my catholic prudishness still needs lessons in body appreciation.



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