ELS 4 GATS | Barcelona

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

And I quote, “the watering hole of the intelligentsia…”, said a passing tour guide none too softly.

It took a bit of effort but we finally found Els 4 Gats where we had our lunch yesterday. It wouldn’t really be hard to locate if it weren’t located on a tiny alley off of a wide shopping street but tricky as it was, we did find it. The building itself was beautiful, and looking around I could sense the history and importance of the place as it was before. A little wary of what I’d read about Spanish service, I braced myself for less than stellar attention, and while the service was a bit wanting in the beginning, after ordering some jamon and pulpo, warmed up as we went along. In the end, Anthony and I smiled in appreciation at a good meal, ready to see what else Barcelona had to offer.



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