Rating: 4 out of 5.

It seemed to be the logical first stop in Lisbon.

We arrived to a busy but efficient airport and not too long after were whisked out in a private van to our hotel close by. Once we had settled in, we were out like thieves, jumped onto a cab and made our way to have a midday snack at one very famous, and apparently extremely busy pastry shop. It looked like a madhouse outside with the line stretching over a city block. Instead of queuing, we decided to sit inside and eat, which turned out to be only a little better. The line was just half as short.
When we did get to sit down, after going through a maze of rooms and waiting in line for maybe 30 minutes, it didn’t take long at all before our order reached our table. The place is famous for custards and has been around since the 1800s, and judging by how busy they were mid-afternoon in a Friday, business is not too shabby. Whoever owns this place is surely rolling in dough. In the end the wait was well-worth the effort, the custard pies were deliciously flaky and fresh from the oven, and despite the madness, the atmosphere was as authentic as it gets.

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