Party In The Bairro | Lisbon

Bairro Alto was ground zero during the annual Festas de Lisboa or the Sardines Festival that was coincidentally also happening during our weekend trip, as well as being one of the must-see places in the city. From Belém Tower, we walked and cabbed and walked it back to that old part of the city intending to grab an early dinner but ended up instead wandering the roller coaster streets and eating freshly-grilled food from impromptu street sellers. The area reminded me of San Francisco, or maybe it’s dista cousin looking a bit unkempt and left to its own devices. Whether or not it’s normal, the narrow, cobbled streets were full of slow-moving cars and masses of tourists who like us were probably trying to find their way around. After hemming and hawing over one restaurant to the next, after reaching the scenic streets around Rua da Bica de Duarte Belo, we decided to just eat on the run and street party along with the rest. The bifana sandwiches and the salted sardines were not only cheap, they were perfect for the occasion. Fingers crossed that this is what we can expect more of on this trip.


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