LAGE VUURSCHE | Like Riding A Bike

Riding a bike is definitely not as easy as riding a bike.
The last time I travelled on two wheels was easily over 5 years ago when I still lived in Rotterdam. Several times back then, my partner egged me into cycling with him around the city, and out of the blue at one point, magically I said yes. While I didn’t think it was a good idea, I did it anyway and not soon after promised that that would be the last time. I didn’t get into an accident and at the end of it did think it was a good bit of exercise but for the entire time I couldn’t help but feel overly anxious, thinking I’d lose control and hit someone, or just as badly, get hit myself. It just wasn’t for me.

Fast forward to last weekend when against my better instincts I said yes to the idea that we rent some bikes and cycle around the nature area in Lage Vuursche. My past experience apparently wasn’t traumatizing enough and I figured it wouldn’t be too taxing given we were out in the country. Best to face my anxieties, I thought.

After some initial clumsiness and reconnecting with my biking legs, I did feel some exhilaration at being able to flex my cycling skills after all these years. While it helped that I was riding a thousand euro bike, my bike handle this time didn’t seem like it had a mind of its own – after a while I was able to get into the rhythm and felt relaxed once we were in the woods and out of other people’s way. Even the act of parking my bike on the dedicated bike stand – a first ever – brought out a kind of pride as if it were a milestone of some sort. Though not expecting a medal, I did end up treating myself to an ice cream sundae at one of our pitstops. The few calories I burnt during our ride may have been for naught, I can however say biking may eventually be as easy as people say.



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