Rating: 4 out of 5.

In uncharacteristic Dutch fashion, an order of a double extra large burger turned out to be just that — a really, really large burger.
We were back in the highfalutin’ confines of Lage Vuursche for Sunday lunch and found ourselves once again sitting in the same restaurant from a week ago. With nothing calling out my name from the menu, my partner and I both settled on the XXL Burger expecting nothing out of the ordinary. When the time came, what the waiter ended up placing on our table could have put American restaurants to shame – all 200 grams of 100% beef, topped with thickly-sliced bacon, a fried egg, generous sauteed onions, cheese, and a special house sauce in a kaiser bun. In an area where most of the residents are of retirement age, it didn’t dawn on me that they had huge appetites, my burger was actually too big it made me think twice about ordering it.  In any case, I gave it the old college try and, while I pushed some of the bread far to the side, not too proudly I almost consumed it all. We both came out of it stuffed like turkeys, nearly regretting but satisfied nonetheless.



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