PATA NEGRA 2015 | Amsterdam

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

By happy accident, our little group from work ended up in a nearby Latin restaurant for a little pre-holiday get together. It was Ascension Day the next day, which surprisingly is a non-working holiday over here, and despite wanting to stay longer to work on some pending stuff at the office, I decided to leave just after 6 to get my long weekend started. Arriving ahead of the others, I sat myself down by the bar and ordered a pitcher of sangria to get my party of one started.
Since my past encounters with tapas dining in Amsterdam were nothing short of disappointing, I wasn’t inclined to be enthusiastic about our little dining adventure. I did welcome the chance to enjoy some decent sangria, which in this case thankfully was unfailingly good. As members of our group came in and ordered one dish after another, what turned out to be a simple get-together ended up being a fun night of delicious tapas, extra pitchers of sangria, and more than a few laughs over the several hours we were there. While the food and the atmosphere were perfect, and the nice feeling I had inside may have been from all the red wine, I couldn’t help but feel giddy at one point when I realized that it all was a good prelude to another trip with my travel buddy, Anthony, to Iberia next month. The food and the company I had, while great, could only be better in a few weeks time.



2 thoughts on “PATA NEGRA 2015 | Amsterdam

  1. Na pressure naman ako. Kailangan pala ma outwit, outplay, outsmart, ang mga tropa mo dyan. I accept the challenge. Let the Amazing Race begin!


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