WORK CHRONICLES | The Blue Bowlers

I actually went bowling.

Our biannual team outing this time around was in the form of laser tag – an absolute first – and bowling in a cozy 6-lane alley close by. The laser tag idea didn’t bring out any excitement at first but after the first few minutes wherein I was shooting at anything and everything in sight, I finally got the hang of it and even enjoyed it. It turned out to be a lot of work, by the way. The bowling was a little more civilized since we got to enjoy some drinks – though it marked the first time I’d been served a white wine with ice cubes – and deep-friend tidbits while trying to recall any tricks I’d learned from bowling years and years back. While I ended up being in the middle of the pack in laser tag, I absolutely sucked at bowling, ending up at the bottom I’m sure. It was fun though and with thanks to my other American colleague I couldn’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. Here’s hoping life can be a ten-pin bowling alley in Amsterdam – it may be hard at times and you may miss a lot of it, but it can be quite colorful and, with the right company, makes any regular day all the more interesting.


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