KERMIS DAM SQUARE 2015 | Amsterdam

Unusually even for me, I talked some colleagues into going to the newly-set up mini-carnival on Dam Square in the city center last Wednesday after work. Unusual because not only was I hanging out with co-workers outside of a company event, I was doing it in the middle of the week when I normally should be on my way home to an all-too-regular evening of pre-cooked meals and online entertainment surfing. The spontaneous outing did admittedly have to do with some bumps on the domestic home front, which coincidentally ironed itself out right before taking my seat on the giant white ferris wheel, though after seeing the rides being set up the day before, my inner child still wanted to do it anyway. Not surprisingly, it wasn’t cheap. After taking part in a shooting gallery – I got 3 out of 10 shots! – a balls-in-holes powered horse race – where I won my colleague a little penguin – various doll-grabbing contraptions and the ferris wheel ride, my pockets were substantially lighter. If I could afford it, I’d do a lot more of these things while it’s better weather these days because before you know it, like a ferris wheel going round and round, winter’s going to be coming around the corner once again.



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