ENKHUIZEN | Netherlands

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’d spoken too soon.

Since Easter Monday was a holiday, my partner had the idea to drive us to Enkhuizen for an afternoon day trip. Having lived in Amsterdam for four years and counting, I thought I’d seen everything that was worth seeing within a 100 kilometer radius so I wasn’t really expecting anything out of the ordinary. I pretty much envisioned simply sitting by a restaurant’s terrace somewhere enjoying a plate of apple pie – with the mandatory whipped cream – and the intermittent sun, and maybe seeing an interesting building or two. Seeing Enkhuizen for the first time, I was proven very wrong. Million-dollar sailboats, plenty of restaurants, a lively tourist scene — I wonder why I hadn’t heard of this place before. What I found was a very nice, quaint, and atmospheric little city that was perfect for wasting an afternoon away.



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