The First Weekend Of Spring | Tafelberg

Saturday was an absolute wash but Sunday, though starting off in typical Dutch fashion, turned out to be beautiful in the end.
Last weekend was the first official weekend of Spring – and thank the heavens it lived up to expectations. We’d planned weeks ago to meet up with an old work colleague for brunch in high-end Blaricum hoping that the weather would at least be decent and as luck would have it, despite the somewhat brisk cold wind, the sun indeed made an extended appearance and blessed us all with a gorgeous, terrace-worthy afternoon. Given the great weather, we were lucky to get a parking spot at all and in no time the outdoor dining area had a line waiting for empty seats. The service was a bit wanting and the food could have been more satisfying but the company was great and the setting couldn’t have been any cozier. We ended our little reunion by taking a fun walk around the nature area nearby, past heather fields, small kids playing with huge tree limbs, and a barn full of sheep.
We’re definitely off to a good start.

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