BRUNCH | Fraiche

The music was too loud; the place was too cramped; why didn’t they speak Dutch; the American girls next to us were too loud and nasal; there were too many hipsters; and they don’t have Coke. But the food was good enough. These pretty much summed up what my partner thought of our latest food adventure last Sunday.

The last thing I want when trying to enjoy a good meal is to be surrounded by so much negative energy, and for the life of me, I keep hoping it would be different each time around. So much negativity over something as harmless as Sunday brunch just springs out of nowhere, that from then on, I promised to stop being optimistic and settle with the fact that we will rarely agree on what and where to eat. Life is too short to have to deal with such nonsense.



4 thoughts on “BRUNCH | Fraiche

  1. Alright some 'fair and balanced' counter words are in order; 1) The picture of me is posed 2) You were forwarned that I most likely really wouldn't like it 3) You forgot to mention that the service was too rude (even for Dutch standards) and that the tea -which he made it sound like it was included in the price- was not 'tea' but hot water with Hipster sea-weed in it… now that really grinds my gears…. An anonymous contributor…. ;-))


  2. By some mysterious coincidence, the tone of the Anonymous contributor, seems awfully familiar! Hello there, Teko!


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