ZAANSE SCHANS | Clogs, Clogs, And More Clogs

It was a cold, cold Saturday when we took our houseguest to the usually tourist-overrun windmill extravaganza that is Zaanse Schans. Luckily, we got there before the traveling hordes descended and made the most of the relative solitude and frigid weather. On the other hand, unfortunately, we got there too early – the restaurant wasn’t fully open till 11, most of the house attractions weren’t open till noon, and it was a tad too cold for my friend to continue walking around the windmills. Turned out the main attraction, and where we spent most of our time looking at all kinds of footwear, was the highly educational clogs factory and museum. I thought to buy a pair but soon realized that the heavy clack-clack-clacking sound it makes would certainly make my partner file for separation quicker than I can say honey.
Hmmm, maybe I could get it as a plantbox.


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