POLS POTTEN | Amsterdam

One of the handful of shopping wastelands in this city just happens to be in my dream neighborhood. On KNSM-Island, a reclaimed area in the north part of Amsterdam is a store that, without too much effort, could easily come between me and my pocketbook. Though a bit on the small side, it had home stuff that I could easily see myself bringing home to, and some pieces that would be better off in a madman’s underground cave. I noticed one particular piece, a sofabed, that not only looked great, it also felt great, and wouldn’t look too bad in the spare bedroom/study room. Knowing that we can usually get the same item for less cost online, true enough, after we got the manufacturer details, it turned out to be at least €100 cheaper. Seeing as we’ll be having a visitor in less than two weeks, it was a little late to order it but at least I now know where to look. As for the ceramic horse head and his mechanical army, I’ll need a little bit more time to think about that one.



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