Caffeine Lovin’

The coffee experience here certainly isn’t what I was used to.
I never really got into coffee – Starbucks doesn’t count after all – until I started working here in Europe. My first job inhabited an entirely different level of tedium, I needed all the help I could just to keep at it. Thankfully, I kept reading more and more about how coffee was good for me so it became part of my routine and pretty much became my drink of choice when I went out. I’m almost sure the butter cookie that always came with it has a little bit to do with that. And unlike everywhere else, it was only here in Europe that I found drinking a cup would be a delicious learning experience in the process. Useless information that it may be, thanks to the almighty power of caffeine, I’m quite sure from now on that I’ll remember this one tiny tidbit – that Scandinavians have everyone else beat when it comes to enjoying a cuppa joe.

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