Down To The Small Pleasures | Abcoude

Another uneventful weekend, another search for satisfaction.

Having exhausted my ration of American TV shows to binge on and being absolutely unproductive for most of the weekend in the process, I asked my partner, almost desperately, if we could go for a cup of coffee somewhere. Gray weather be damned, he found two options — in Abcoude, 22 kms away. While I was thinking somewhere a bit closer to home, a short drive wasn’t such a bad idea. I was in that ‘anywhere but here’ state of mind and the thought of spending a couple of hours in a quiet, unknown town was as welcome as any. Turned out that Abcoude was a quaint, typically idyllic Dutch town that I’m now regretting never ever giving a second thought to. Notwithstanding the small-town habit of people staring at me when I’m simply walking past – which I’m maybe neurotically noticing a lot – the town was nice enough for me to imagine myself settling into. Must’ve been something in the cappuccino.    


Just a handful of years ago the thought of getting in a car to drive to a small town outside of the city just for fun seemed at the very least daunting. I can remember when just going to the grocery store would be a challenge during moments when only one of us – and at one point even both of us! – were caught unemployed and had to stretch every cent. So even during these times when it feels like we’d hurdled the highest obstacles and survived (so far),  I still take our excursions, big or small, very seriously and with a deep feeling of gratitude each time. Fingers crossed I have countless more cappuccino and apple pie in my future.


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