My company’s annual two-day conference slash extravaganza has come and gone. Much like last year, the events this time around were just as jaw-dropping even if there were a few newbies that thought the elaborate celebration was a shade over-the-top and the money for it better spent elsewhere. It is amazing to think that thousands of colleagues from all over the world were flown in and housed in different hotels around the city on the company dime. Add to that the cost of renting an entire convention center, catered breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday, capped by a madhouse of a party filled with DJs, dancers, and acrobats, with free food and booze all night. In some ways I could understand the first-timers’ point of view, more so since I’d been through it twice before, but since there’s a chance my contract may not extend beyond May this year, this party could very well be my last. Seize the moment as the Romans would say.


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