Let The Music Play

Rarely do I stop by Centraal Station these days. Ever since I got into the habit of being driven everywhere, there simply wasn’t any need for it. On a rare weekday night just after work I found myself back, to the place that was my gateway when I still travelled my 90-minute commute from Rotterdam. It’s funny to see many changes there’ve been since – from the new floors and the overall feeling of no longer looking like a construction zone to how much more interesting it’s become inside and out.

While trying to load some credit for my transport card, necessitated by a sudden car-less existence for the next two days, I chanced upon beautiful music echoing throughout the station. It was piano music for sure, appeared to be done live, and done quite well. It turned out to be from an impromptu performance care of some random gentleman on a public access piano. I guess he was drawn, subconsciously or not, by the grandness of the location and the instrument’s rather forthright command. And some admiration from an appreciative public didn’t hurt either. If only for the pleasure of people who have to go through what I did for almost two years way back when, here’s hoping the music keeps playing on and on.

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