Rating: 5 out of 5.

Despite the topsy-turvy weather that was only slightly better than what’s usually on offer in Amsterdam, it turned out to be quite a successful trip, at least photo-wise. Prague has so much to offer, and even with challenges with the sub-freezing temps and my quickly-dead batteries because of it, I was able to stretch my trigger finger to its frostbitten end. While there were moments when I thought our four-night stay may have been too long, I realized it was because the extreme cold was affecting my perception of the city. Once I was past that, there were actually too many places to cover in that much time. Nonetheless, it would be great to see this city again, preferably under a warmer and brighter light.


I only realized later on the way to the airport on our way back to Amsterdam that traveling in the country, and even in the very center of Prague itself, that there was hardly any road traffic to speak of. At no point in our rental car nor during several taxi rides did we stand in traffic other than to wait for the light to change. For any city, major or otherwise, I found that to be absolutely incredible. Either it’s too expensive to own a car over there, or the traffic planners are absolute geniuses. If Czech wasn’t such a foreign language, I wouldn’t mind living there at all.



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