On our fifth and final day in Prague, it seemed that a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. For most of the trip, there was some pressure, all totally self-imposed admittedly, to do so much under always changing circumstances, and having to take into account the non-stop compromises that are part of being a couple. As nice as Prague was, it seemed that there was more enjoyment with the thought that there were only a few hours left before it was time to call it quits. One last lunch was all that was in the agenda.
A leisurely walk south along the river, past the famous and always crowded Charles Bridge and one more after that, was a well-known cafe that was best-suited for our final memorable meal before heading back home. Restaurants that date back to the late-19th are certainly hard to come by and those that do have a story or two to tell. This particular one played a huge part in the city’s history and will probably do so for much longer than I’m around. Now, whether or not the bum stomach I got later in the day was from our meal there – my best guess would be the Christmas soup – it can only be based on conjecture. I’m hoping this wasn’t the case because as it was my parting repast, I’d like to think it was a satisfying one.



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