Fifty Shades Of Winter

We’d decided on a road trip for one of the five days we were in Prague, and were advised to go to the rental office at the stroke of 8 (in the morning!) to pick up our vehicle. Even as we got there minutes before opening, we ended up standing in front of their closed stall till past opening time – it seems someone had a little bit too much fun last Friday night. Luckily, it was only a few minutes after when a staff member arrived and I suppose out of guilt (or fear of being reported), gave us an upgrade twice over, and to a brand-new car to boot. It paid to be patient in this case I suppose.

What started off as a promisingly sunny morning turned into a grim reaper kind of an afternoon and ended up being a moderately familiar winter wonderland later in the evening. The roads were a bit on the bumpy side, and apart from a near-disaster with our Garmin – it actually told us to take an anxiety-laden, nightmare in the making, off-road trip through a rural one-way dirt road through the woods for 2 kilometers, which we naively took until we realized halfway that the Czech Republic can’t possibly be this backward and luckily had enough room to turn back – the drive we took through small towns, two-lane roads, and occasional highways was as good as any Western European country. Well, maybe not the Netherlands.

Cesky Krumlov better be worth it.


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