The Reason For The Season | Mickey Ds

There comes a time when the universe balances itself somehow.

For our dinner last Christmas Eve, due to my one-sided desire to celebrate and be festive, I made arrangements for our holiday meal at our hotel’s restaurant, even asking them to save us a table three months in advance. Ordering the special Christmas menu was originally the plan but when the time came, we ended up ordering a la carte as my partner liked nothing on the special menu. The concession that it was, as luck would have it the choice at least proved to be half as expensive. Still, early into our trip, my partner was already having a hard time with the restaurants we’d gone to so far, for not being able to enjoy himself and come out with a full stomach in the end. Thankfully, in contrast with sometimes-tourist-unfriendly Amsterdam, nearly all restaurants in Prague were open on Christmas night, and after all the all-too-familiar discussions we ended up in his favorite restaurant anyway. Surprisingly, we weren’t the only ones with the same idea — not only was the place busy, it was so packed there was no place to even sit down. It may well have been the cheapest Christmas Day dinner in memory but in retrospect I maybe shouldn’t have given it much thought. I’m sure even the little guy in the manger couldn’t get a table anywhere either.


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