Rating: 4 out of 5.

The first breakfast we ever had in Prague was, for purposes of convenience and curiosity, at our hotel’s restaurant. Not a stranger to hotel meals, I still remember the amazing breakfast we had at the Hotel Ernst am Dom in Cologne last year, which I’ve since used as my standard. Although on the pricey side, it was delicious, well-presented, and set in a classically beautiful dining room. Loved every second of it.
Unfortunately, the one we had at the hotel restaurant, CottoCrudo, while ultimately satisfying, didn’t live up to expectation. The eggs benedict and the belgian waffles looked dry and plain, and given how much they charged for the pleasure and experience, it was just overall forgettable and disappointing.


The following day, about 10 minutes walk away we rediscovered an art deco masterpiece of a cafe that we couldn’t miss seeing the night before. At the time, Kavarna Obecni Dum was all lit up inside like a jewel box and practically called at us to stop by. It was absolutely packed that night but going back for breakfast the next morning, we had the place pretty much all to ourselves. Admittedly, breakfast at 10 a.m. is a little late for most people.
I gravitated to the Czech breakfast option that, much like the breakfast at CottoCrudo, didn’t look too enticing but ended up being fully devoured anyway. At just over a quarter of the price from breakfast the day before, however, I found myself far more appreciative and judged it well worth the walk through the cold holiday morning. Fortified by a decent breakfast in such envious surroundings, we were prepared for the job of tourist for the day.


2 thoughts on “KAVÁRNA OBECNÍ DŮM | Prague

  1. I remember that breakfast at Hotel Ernst. Decadent! Pero really worth it! Naalala ko yung raw honey that came with the breakfast. Yummmy!


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