As for the restaurant where we tried to get a table for lunch and were apologetically turned away because they were ‘absolutely booked’, I made it my mission to go back and find out what the big deal was with La Finestra. As it was just a few minutes’ walk from our hotel, it didn’t take too long to do just that and oddly, the second time around proved the exact opposite – we were practically the only customers that afternoon. Feeling ambivalent at how easy it was, we sat down at the table of our choice and went about surveying the menu. It was quick enough to see that the interiors were sharp and the service friendly and attentive so all that was left to figure out was the food. I opted for the seafood options and in the end was quite happy with the result. My partner got his usual bolognese version of whatever pasta they had on the menu and thankfully enjoyed it as well. It may well have been a fluke that they were all reserved for lunch that day but at least I got to know what the fuss was all about. Moderately pricey Italian food seems to be quite popular over there.



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