Rating: 4 out of 5.

One brisk, cold night, as we were walking around Prague Old Town trying to find a place to stop to get our noses cleared and hands warmed up, one particular cafe was a beacon in the middle of all the winter darkness. My partner and I looked at each other and without saying a word decided we’d go in. We went through the main lobby and quite understandably saw a packed house. It felt old world and based on the well-kept decor, knowing how to dance the foxtrot would have been appropriate. In all my travels through the continent I can’t say I’ve seen too many art deco cafes so being there was a treat. A live instrumental band played Christmas classics and it was like I was in another era altogether. Not feeling peckish, and since it was still early for dinner, we ended up ordering a few different cakes they were famous for, along with a soothing cup of hot cappuccino. The schwarzwald cake in particular was delicious – so much so it more than justified yet another instance of breaking my diet. If there was another reason to return to Prague, it would be for a chance to come back to Kavarna Cafe for another slice of chocolate dough filled with pickled cherries and whipped cream. And to try the walnut sponge cake next time.


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