Our first day in the city was intentionally carefree. After dropping off our bags and luckily getting checked in early, we made the short walk to the Old Town square, which took all of maybe five minutes. Even if it was a weekday afternoon, it felt like we were late for the party as the entire place was insanely crowded. It was almost claustrophobic but after a few minutes I started to get used to it. Who knew Prague would be so popular – and in winter! Tour guides with their raised flags/umbrellas/whatnots were all over the place and there were so many Asians it almost felt like I was in another continent. While it surprised me a bit not seeing any police security around, luckily everyone I saw behaved well enough and left me with a happy feeling that Prague seemed to attract only the good kind of tourists. We had only scratched the surface but I was already able to check off a lot of things from the list. Seeing the Astronomical clock I’d always seen and heard about, as well as the famous Charles Bridge, came with a sense of accomplishment not to mention relief. What I’d seen so far that day was great and to think it was only day one. I hope I haven’t exhausted the city yet.


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