Rating: 4 out of 5.

While I wanted our very first meal in Prague to be special, it at least turned out to be unexpectedly satisfying.
In search of a spot for lunch, I took the mellow route and looked for someplace close by. One place that seemed to tick all the right boxes served Italian, which my particularly picky partner didn’t mind at all. If there was a lesson to be learned from our trip to Budapest last year, it was to always stick to familiar territory. We took the five minute walk to La Finestra but was strangely turned away as they ended up being booked — booked for lunch! Well, that piqued my interest. Luckily, right next door was another Italian option that was far more accessible. We easily sat ourselves down by the window and got our first real bite of the city.


Given the nature of Italian food, my self-imposed moderation had to take a backseat. The ravioli I got turned out well, and my partner thankfully exclaimed his delight at the lasagna he ordered. It was successful enough that we even got some dessert which was just as satisfying, topped off by the damage that wasn’t too bad either. We were definitely no longer in Amsterdam territory.

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