WORK CHRONICLES | Christmas At Work

I have to say, given how many people are coming and going at work, it’s a great feeling to be in a place that’s generally a happy environment. A couple of my colleagues had the inspired idea to have Secret Santa this year, which turned out to be a reindeer-ringing success. Not only were there gifts for almost everyone in our team, someone was feeling extra jolly and brought some home-baked Christmas cookies. There was even a little, swaying Christmas tree where we could put all our gifts under. (Whoever brought the Christmas tree to work needs an award). Given the low bar that was set for the gift amount – from 3-5 Euros – not only did some of us get some creatively great gifts – I got a travel neck pillow – we actually had a lot of fun. The identity of my Secret Santa remains just that, unfortunately, as there was no name on the package. Whoever you are, thank you for making my day.



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