It was back to our old stomping grounds in Rotterdam last Saturday night for my co-worker’s housewarming – and what a house it was. They moved to a flat in the Markthal, the most envied building of the moment, and even on a late afternoon the market itself was just as busy as the last time we were there. The parking was expectedly pricey but it was squeaky clean, brand-new, and easy to get in and out just like that. After finding the right entrance to where the apartments were, it proved just as tricky getting to their floor as there were no signs to lead us, but it only took a couple of attempts before instinct led us to the right place. And just outside the elevators by the hallway to their flat were windows to the food market below. Unbeatable convenience if you want to just grab something for breakfast before going to work, or dinner just after. Not a bad place to call home.


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