Gray, gray, my world is gray.The last several weeks have been routinely uneventful, waking up, getting ready and at work before sunrise and leaving the office at the end of the day, heading home hours after sunset. It’s been so cold lately and close to freezing I could almost smell snow. The weekends are only a little better with the occasional sun peeking through mostly cloudy skies, but going out to do something wasn’t too enticing. We actually haven’t done anything of interest in so long a time – it doesn’t help that we’d been to almost everywhere – but what drives me to go on each morning is the thought of spending some quality time, maybe a little bit too-anxiously, over the high holy holidays in a land not-so-faraway. And thankfully I have some photos of recent great weather to keep me company. Well, fairly recent — this was only a couple of weeks ago!


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